Monday, October 24, 2011

Associate Program Coordinator, CNA (CURE NoRagging Ambassador) Program

Internship: Associate Program Coordinator


CURE: Coalition to Uproot Ragging from Education ( is a non-profit organization dedicated solely towards the elimination of ragging and promotion of more positive ways of interaction among seniors and freshers in Indian universities. CURE is a research, awareness and advocacy body and is run by alumni of IIT, MIT (USA) and those with experience in Planning Commission of the Govt. of India. CURE acted as a consultant body to the Supreme Court-appointed Raghavan Committee, provided research input to the Govt of India and was cited several times in the Raghavan Committee Report. In 2007, CURE launched the first song and video on `Ragging' ( which was featured on MTV, NDTV and Aaj-Tak. CURE has been quoted and featured by leading national and international media including BBC, The Economist, The Washington Post, TIME Magazine etc. You can follow us on facebook by visiting for regular updates about ragging.

Associate Program Coordinator: CNA (CURE NoRagging Ambassador) Program

CURE is making the largest network of NoRagging Volunteers across the Country under the branded program of CURE NoRagging Volunteers. These volunteers work as work-from-home volunteers for CURE, help us in creating awareness about CURE and ragging through online and offline channels. They participate in activities such as promoting CURE on facebook, sending awareness emails, distributing fliers, etc.

We are looking for an individual seriously interested in helping us develop and manage this network across the country. The candidate shall work as Associate Program Coordinator, CNA Program. His/her responsibilities shall include:

- Getting sincere individuals to register in the CNA program from across the country

- Provide work allocation, guidance and do proactive follow-up with CNAs.

- Develop innovative ideas for spreading awareness about ragging and implement them through CNA network.

- Provide operational support from head-office whenever required for CNA program.

We plan to hire only 2 individuals, who are very serious, enthusiastic and committed to run this program with us. The position will require minimum 5hrs of work through internet and telephone every week. It can be done from your home/college/dorm. Apart from that two meetings on weekends every month will take place in NCR. More than counting time spent, we are looking for an individual who is passionate about the program and strives to make it successful. We are looking at a minimum commitment of 3 months, though enthusiastic individuals may continue to work beyond that.

Why you should apply:

* If you want to take the challenge of building a pan-India voice for a social cause

* If you want to take the challenge of channelizing the energy of multiple people across the Nation positively

* If you want to make an impact

* Do not apply to us for just a certificate, a mention in your resume or at impulse. We are serious about this


We do not think you should apply to this, if you are doing it just for the money. We understand money is important to all of us and we need to pay if we get some work done by an individual. However we wish that you apply to us only if you are passionate enough about the cause to think of this as *your own work* and not as being done for us. We will provide a token stipend.

How to Apply:

If you are interested, please send us the following at Cc:

- Your updated resume

- Make sure you go through the following in detail: //

- Answer the following questions. Put them in a single well-formatted document with your name

-- Why you want to be Associate Program Coordinator: CNA Program? (250 words)

-- Why do you think you should be chosen for this position? (250 words)

-- Tell us 2 things you have found on CURE's website, facebook page or wall which you think shall be most effective to make people aware about ragging. Why do you think these two things are important? Also point out if you find anything to be completely ineffective!

Your application will be rigorously scrutinized by our team and shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview

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